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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on international outsourcing of clothing industry Paper must be at least 9500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! At international level several attempts have been made by the international trading bodies like WTO to liberalize the trade system and as a result there is increase in the outsourcing of different industries.

Globalization has drawn lasting effects on the clothing industry as well and global outsourcing is occurring in the industry at increasing rates. Outsourcing of different industries draws significant impacts of the performance of that industry as well as on the entire economy. There are different view points about the potential effects of global outsourcing. Some researchers (e.g. Antras, Helpman, 2004) believe that increased global outsourcing cause unemployment of thousands of domestic highly skilled professionals as the companies offer the employment opportunities to the labor of another country from where they might get the labor at low wages or salaries. On the other hand some social scientists (e.g. Bruce S. Berton, 2004. Amiti, Wei, 2005) strongly believe that the economies in the 21st century must need outsourcing in different industries because it bring variety of benefits and advantages to the countries like the consumers get more choices available in front of them and they also have an easy access to purchase the products at different levels of distribution.

Along with these effects of global outsourcing attempts are also made to examine the impacts of outsourcing on the workforce of the countries (e.g. Campa and Linda S. Goldberg 1997. Maria Pia Hernandez, 2004).

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