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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Business IT AND SERVICES. It needs to be at least 2750 words. Human Clouding is a concept that has emerged because of such kind of advances in information technology. Human Clouding refers to a situation whereby employees of an organization do not have a distinct working place. They only rely on the internet and tools of information technology to receive and send large volumes of data. This paper analyzes this concept of human clouding and its various models.

When talking about the concept of cloud, people tend to talk about it, in terms of its technological nature, and the impact that it has had on how business personalities and people are able to access data, and communicate with each other (Rountree and Castrillo, 2013). Through an adoption of cloud computing technologies, business organizations are able to provide better flexibility to its employees, and they manage to change when, how, and where they work (Bellavista, 2010). However, cloud computing has not had a vigorous change on the manner in which people work, in a business organization. This is because people are still talking about employee relations in terms of their work place (Rountree and Castrillo, 2013). An individual’s place of work is equated with the business operation that an individual undertakes or is employed with (Bellavista, 2010). This is based on the misconception that the physical place of the business itself is the actual business itself. However, experienced and good business managers have the knowledge that a business organization does not consist of mortar, or bricks (Kaganer, Carmel, Hirscheim and Olsen, 2013). It consists of people, who are its employees. On this basis, a new concept of cloud has emerged, which is referred to as the human cloud. Under this concept, wherever place an employee chooses to work from, then that place is his or her work place.

This concept further goes on to denote that the work force of an individual is the employer’s business organization.

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