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Write a 4 pages paper on police events in miami beach. The following are the traffic control strategies that have been put in place in Miami for the special event this year.

The police should implement plans to educate road users in future on how to use roads during special events to avoid closure of roads, which is expensive and costly to both the police department in terms of labor needed to control traffic and to the residents in terms of time wasted in a crowded road.

The police have issued guidelines and regulations that are going to ensure order during the major events at Miami Beach. According to Miami Beach Police Chief, the police analyzed the previous events and came up with a strategy to ensure a safe environment. The strategy will include directive orders to arrest people who are going to disrupt the tranquility in Miami Beach. The police chief has said that the Police are hoping to avoid problems during this season by arresting people who are going to cause a disturbance. According to Miami Beach’s police union the order, this weekend is for “patrol officers will need to meet an arrest quota of 2,000 arrests.”This number is two times the record of a thousand set in the previous years. In my opinion, this strategy is good except that the police should only make arrests to the offenders and not simply as a matter of meeting their target of 2,000 arrests.

In my opinion, the police department has put in place extra measures which are different from the previous years and this is because of the increasing number of visitors that keep coming to Miami Beach each year. In previous years, the number of police officers that were on the patrol was not as much as this year, and this is because of the increasing incidences of visitors who caused a disturbance in the area. Similarly, the police have not been closing as many roads as it plans to close during this season. In my opinion, the police department should include the residents of Miami Beach to police the region during high season when many visitors are expected to come to the region.

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