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Write a 2 pages paper on : potential to be a leader. Scholarship: Potential To Be A Leader

Tell us about yourself and your potential to be a leader in Texas.

I am an 18 year old female. I was elected to serve on the Hereford Jr. Board of Directors. My key responsibility was to be an ambassador for the Hereford breed. In order to educate and inform the youth I have been entrusted with the task of being a leader for organizing youth education program events. This includes organizing contests, youth leadership programs and training programs. It gives a great feeling when I find over 100 youth participating in our programs. I was elected to the Jr. Board of Directors to the Hereford Association. It is worthwhile here to mention that 20 youth ran across the state for three positions and I was one of the three on the board after successfully convincing the voters about my ability. Mission of the Jr. Board is to provide a wide variety of activities and programs offering a real-world experience. My goal is to include programs and services to help juniors develop their talents and leadership skills. The task is quite challenging and I thoroughly enjoy being in the midst of the youth sharing information and experience. I firmly believe that if we do something with fullest devotion and involvement, it not only helps in successful completion of the task, but it also helps in getting due attention from all concerned. The Jr. Board through its activities helps the members to learn new skills and meet new friends, which in turn enables them to become increasingly production citizens in the long run.

I have also been my class vice president and president of my school’s ‘Future Farmers of America chapter’. I have been a team captain on the volleyball team that won district tournaments and went to Area play-offs.

1. Tell us about your greatest challenge in a leadership role.

Seeking people’s participation happens to be the biggest challenge for the leadership role in general. In my case as well I need to have the 20 state organization members to attend meetings, sponsor shows and field days and take an active part in the Hereford business and breed promotion. Besides getting members to attend and participate in the events, I need to solicit the help of elders for overseeing the successful organization of events. That’s indeed quite a challenging task.

Besides taking up active interest in the community events, I fully realize that I need to excel in academics as well. Therefore maintaining a balance and be able to do justice with both the responsibilities also happen to be quite a challenge. While I need to ensure participation and membership from different counties, I am also supposed to do a ‘needs assessment’ amongst the junior members to see what their interest are and how we can help in sustaining their interest levels in the activities. So far, I am happy to share that I am ranked in the top 10 percent in my class. Playing volleyball and softball at varsity level happen to be my favorite sporting passions as well.

Therefore, I feel reasonably satisfied that so far I am able to take up the challenge quite successfully. While maintaining good academics, playing games, working part-time our team at Hereford is also able to increase the state membership and participation by 12 percent this year. My motto is, ‘the more involved you become, the more you learn and benefit’. If I am able to have the financial assistance from this scholarship, that will go a long way in nurturing the leadership skills in me and providing more strength and courage to serve the society.

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