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Write a 1 page paper on how creativity works. Task: A change of place contributes to significant changes in the cognition and perception of individuals. In this sense, a shift in place connotes the same in mind. This is because the mind acquires a different platform of conducting its activities. These phenomena relate to creativity.

One of the most interesting ways of creating an outsider perspective concerns with travel. An outsider perspective relates to unconventional ways of approaching challenges or ideas. This involves moving away from places that we spend most of our time. In this sense, we leave our usual things. Travel is essential, for creativity, in the sense that it involves cognition of interpreting close problems in a literal manner. When individuals are near the source of their problems, they attain constriction of thoughts. Limited set of associations bind these problems. Although this habit might be helpful, it only allows us to focus on the facts at hand. An example of research, of corn, illustrates this problem. When one stands near a field of corn, an individual will tend to associate the same with the traditional feel of plants and cereals. If an individual is in town, one will think of the same as capable of making fuel. “According to the researchers, the experience of another culture endows the traveler with a valuable open-mindedness, making it easier for him or her to realize that a single thing can have multiple meanings (Lehrer 129).”

When someone lives in another country, it becomes a cherished experience. New research helps suggest that it leads to expansion of minds. In demonstration of the same, some researchers placed students of different backgrounds in an experimental research. It proved that students, who had spent time abroad, quickly came up with more solutions. “This shows us that there is some sort of psychological transformation that needs to occur when people are living in a foreign country in order to enhance creativity. This may happen when people work to adapt themselves to a new culture.”

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