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Write 2 pages with APA style on Production Process for a company. Production Process for My Replaylive Company My Replaylive is a company that attempts to offer solutions that supplement our everyday life and experiences. It aims at making available digitally some of entertainments that people miss because of unavoidable circumstances. These circumstances could be job hours, travel hours or even power failures. For example, many people love either live sports broadcasts or certain programs. Most of these programs are aired when people may be away for work. My Replaylive therefore comes in to offer solution to this challenge.

A normal production process entails a team identifying and storing a live broadcast. Let us take for example food with lets take live sports broadcast. My Replaylive will therefore record and store the cast and immediately make it available digitally. The process involves game highlights preparation, storing. It then makes available features of the play, goals, save and time as options for the recording. It also offers other options like download links to other social media like twitter and Facebook. The crew also categorizes the cost for each item to suit specific needs like having a daypack for $3 or season pack for $20 (Ordway, 2012). Other option for play highlights is also available for $1. Subscribers therefore choose whatever fits them in their specific categories. Overall, the company aims to have 50 facilities countrywide from which it anticipates an income of $ 1,000,000 in the next 2-3 years.

Pert Diagram for My Replaylive Company (Expansion Plan)

My Replaylive

Task processes in A,B,C and D= Selecting broadcast, coding and storing, highlights, coding download links, coding features of the broadcast, coding and posting functionality options.

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