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I will pay for the following article The Role of Love in Fulfilling Individual Needs. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Parenting and family atmosphere plays a crucial role in the development of the child. The love and affection provided by the parents and a congenial atmosphere of the family provides a positive and progressive attitude in the developing personality of the child. This inculcates the feeling of belongingness, builds trust on one another and strengthens the social bonding.

The freedom given at home to the child builds the persona of the child as a home is the place which is most eternal and most cozy in the entire world, where we can be with ourselves and be at our own wish. My parents love has nurtured me and groomed me here to spread happiness everywhere. It is their love and affection and above all dedication and sacrifice that they have made for me has developed my understanding far ahead than my peer group. My parents love has made my home more than a four corner space where I linger while devouring time for self-amusement, it is more than a sturdy roof that shelters me from the heat of the sun and protects me from the wrath of a storm, a home for me simply is a sanctuary, a safe haven, a comfort zone so to speak. It is here that love has found a new meaning in my life.

It is understandable that emotions are the inner feelings which all of us possess and express when we react towards the situation. No one knows all the mysterious ways how our brain affects our physiological mechanisms when it is related to emotions and therefore it is very hard to understand emotions. It is true that changes in the physiology occur by releasing diverse hormones in response to the circumstances. They release stressors, making our heart pound, our stomach knot, our palms sweat. These are the typical “fight or flight” response hormones.

Love is very difficult to define as it means different things to so many people but underlying the expression of all forms of love is a feeling that flows between two or more people that fulfills our needs and expectations. Love is also often used to describe some activity we are very passionate about. Everyone has a natural desire to be loved. As children, we all want our parent’s love and approval. The unfortunate part of our need for love is that it does not encourage our being self-empowered. It puts us in a position of always putting the needs and wants of others in front of our own in order to receive love. It encourages us to stay in the same patterns of behavior we experienced as children, if we only received love by being submissive and doing what we were told, we will continue this behavior in our adult relationships unless we make a conscious effort to change. If we experienced any form of abuse, we will unconsciously seek this form of love in our adult relationships because this is the only model of love we recognize. If we grew up in homes where the display, expression or discussion of feelings was not encouraged or permitted, we will experience difficulties expressing ourselves in adulthood. We may feel uncomfortable or be out of touch with our feelings. When parents teach us to do as they say in order to get love, it discourages us from listening to our own inner guidance, being spontaneous or acting on our own initiative.

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