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Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Operationalisation of Management and Leadership Development Into Practice. Emphasis is given on the operationalisation of management and leadership development into practice. Appropriate literature is used for highlighting the key issues of the study’s subject. At the next level, the article of the Emerald Group Publishing Limited (2010) ‘Changing Face of Leadership’ is used in order to show the key aspects of the operationalisation of leadership management in practice, as derived through the approach used by the article’s authors. It is concluded that the operationalization of leadership management into practice can be a challenging task – not just because of the requirements of these plans but also because of their implications for the leaders and the organizations.

Leadership development is a multi-dimensional plan. When such a plan is to be developed within a particular organization, it is important that its implications and its expected benefits are estimated and evaluated. The requirements of the specific plan need also to be taken into account, aiming to reduce the chances of failures when initiating such a project.

The leadership development affects organizational life, in terms of the organization’s daily operational activities but also in terms of the context of its strategic choices. These issues are highlighted in the literature. Different approaches have been used for explaining the aspects of operationalisation of leadership development in organizations of different structural and operational characteristics. In accordance with Ryan (2007) the leadership development can lead to the establishment of inequality within the organization. it is explained that leadership is not equally developed across the departments of a particular organization. In certain teams of the organization, leadership plays a key role. in those teams, a significant amount of resources is likely to be invested on leadership development. in other organizational teams – referring to groups of individuals in different departments of the organization – leadership is not adequately supported.&nbsp.

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