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Need an research paper on pregnancy options. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. A pregnancy is one of the most miraculous and natural events that can happen in anyone’s lifetime, but is too often threatened by a lack of information that can lead to a poor decision regarding the options that are available for a pregnancy. When a woman becomes pregnant she may decide to carry the baby to term, get a surgical or medical abortion, or place the baby up for adoption.When a woman discovers that she is pregnant, it is critical that she makes a sound decision as soon as possible. Some options, such as a medical abortion, may be time sensitive or require extensive planning. Making the decision to have an abortion with inadequate or incomplete information can result in an irreversible decision that could negatively impact all the people involved for a lifetime. Abortion can also have lasting health effects and presents significant religious and cultural considerations.Before an abortion, women should receive information on medical and chemical abortion procedures,the risks of the abortion,and the option of adoption.Whether the woman decides to carry the baby to term,get an abortion,or place the baby up for adoption,there will be risks involved.These risks will be highly dependent upon the individual situation of the woman.The decision to bring a baby into the world requires a lifelong commitment,which carries with it the responsibility to raise a child and provide for its well-being.

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