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Need an research paper on book review on the interesting narrative and other writings: revised edition by: olaudah equiano. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism. Equiano details situations throughout the book, which were common to those who were kept as slaves. The essence of the book is really a journey which Equiano takes his readers on, which details a specific account of real events which to this day are a shameful scar on world History.

Equiano is a very significant individual in history, as he was paramount to the British debate which served to abolish slavery. The events which account for Equiano’s personal story, are entrenched in injustice and inhumanity. When first bought as a slave, Equiano was forced to surrender his name in exchange for the one his master chose. Equiano was first dubbed Gustav Vassa. At first, Equiano refused to allow his name to be changed. He suffered dearly for his refusal to submit but eventually had to choice but to agree on the name his master had selected.

Equiano goes on in his narrative to explain some of the horrors which slaves were forced to endure. One of the most inhumane acts commited by slave holders was the enforcement of what was called and ‘iron muzzle’. This was meant to keep slaves from speaking and on a larger scale. this device took away the slaves’ voice or ability to take part in the human right to speak. Equiano One of the elements however, which made Equiano’s experiences of slavery so unique, is that he was able to attend school to some degree since his master was a naval officer and the captain’s sister taught reading and writing. Equiano’s tale invites his readers to step into the shoes of blacks centuries ago, who suffered through the treachery of slavery.

Equiano’s native land was country which we now know as Nigeria. Sadly, Equiano did not reside there for long. He was essentially kidnapped one day when his parents were not with him, and was then sold into slavery.

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