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You will prepare and submit a term paper on WGST400 Assignment 3. Your paper should be a minimum of 1000 words in length. I have never visited the two countries, but it will be of essence to me to know how the two countries handled women issues. For example, I will be interested to know whether the way they handled and addressed women issues was similar or different to my country. Currently, I see many women getting involved in various aspects of our societies. Moreover, many women have been in the forefront in managing and leading issues of our societies. It will be prudent to know how this has transformed throughout the history. I believe that not so many people are aware of what women encountered during this period, and therefore, it will be crucial to know about women in the period and get a lesson from it. I hope to learn how feminism and pacifism progressed in the two countries during the period of the war. The other focus will be to know how it changed after the war. Additional attention will be to know how feminism and pacifism in the two countries influenced other parts of the globe.

I have not addressed this topic in my previous research. The topic is appropriate for WGST400, as it will be informative to my readers and me. I will, therefore, have the advantage of having a broad area to cover as I focus on unearthing various issues related to feminism and war. Although lack of previous exposure will be a challenge, I believe I will gather a wealth of information. I also have confidence that various information that I will gather will be satisfactory for this course.

In the research paper, I seek to focus on how feminism faired during the period of war in terms of nationalism and pacifism. I will also address the feminist/ pacifist response to war and the differences that arose in various women groups because of war. Moreover, I will seek to show the changing women roles and challenges in England and France due to the advent of war.

I will be consulting various sources in this research.

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