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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Regionlized Endogenous Growth in Est si. Your paper should be a minimum of 2750 words in length. Following the pth of tht sin industril forerunner, four “tigers” – the two Jpnese ex-colonies, South Kore nd Tiwn, nd two islnds, Singpore nd Hong Kong, the first city-stte, the other British colony tht will soon revert to Chin – embrked on their own export-led mnufcturing revolution, doubling rel GDP every eight yers during 1950 to 1985 (n eight-fold increse in ll). In the lte 1970s, Chin ccelerted its mssive moderniztion progrm, introduced mrket mechnisms, nd welcomed foreign investment. since the 1980s, it hs been the world’s fstest-growing economy, verging lmost 10% yerly in the lst decde nd hlf. Over tht period, three Southest sin countries – Indonesi, Mlysi, nd Thilnd – hve proved tht they, too, cn sustin growth rtes of over seven percent yer, speed tht doubles the size of n economy ech decde. Since the 1980s, these Est sin economies hve been growing three times fster thn the OECD economies, twice s fst s the rest of Est si, three times s fst s Ltin meric nd South si, nd five times s fst s sub-Shrn fric. Their export performnce hs been prticulrly impressive, with their shre of world exports of mnufctures shooting up from nine percent in 1965 to 21% in 1990.

Those re the indictors behind the phenomenon tht hs vriously been clled “Pcific Shift,” the “rise of si,” the “Pcific Century,” or, s the title of recently published World Bnk study puts it, “The Est sin Mircle.”

One of the Est sin Mircle hs tken plce under the egis of the Px mericn, which ppered fter WWII. TPx mericn constitutes n economic system of wht my be clled “hegemn-led mcro-clustering”. The ltter implies phenomenon in which hegemon economy propgtes growth stimuli to its closely ligned cohort of countries by mens of dissimiltion of technology, knowledge, skills, mrket informtion etc. The rise of the Paz Americana originated from “Yankee ingenuity” in the innovation of interchangeable parts and assembly-line operations, which eventually culminated in the techniques of mass production – and the pattern of mass consumption.

Under Px mericn many South Eastern countries received a benefit as their economies significantly improved and were enhanced. Particularly, Japanese automobile industry replaced “just-in-time” parts delivery by “just-in-case” inventory, which relied heavily on a cooperative group of suppliers of parts, components, and accessories. Furthermore, Japanese process fragmentation has become all the more fine-tuned to make use of labour costs and technological capabilities of suppliers at divergent levels of country’s industrial hierarchy.

In the wake of Japan’s rapid catch-up with its current account surplus rising, the Japanese yen became grossly undervalued and soared in market value.

As for East Asian countries they benefited a lot from the catch-up economics as well. According to the World Bank (1993), Asian Economies got the fundamentals right by way of:

1) carefully limited and “market-friendly” government activism.

2) strong export orientation.

3) high levels of domestic savings.

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