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Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses the future of energy in the uk. It is evidently clear from the discussion that illustration of the “Wicked problem” entailed in the subject of the energy crisis and fears with respect to energy management from the supply and demand concepts in the market. Stakeholders including the government through its entities such as OFGEM and the Department of Energy and Climate change among other Community Energy Strategy facilitators are all engaging accordingly in the wake of the fears of the aging energy infrastructure and facilitation. The current energy fleet whose capacity to conform to the energy requirements, climate changes and environmental protection regulations is fading, leading to their facing out from service. Evidently, in conceptualizing the situation in the course of its entire present state, the occurrences such as the soaring of the domestic electricity bills as well as the millions of people living in fuel poverty are the reflection of the “Wicked problem”. Further, recent uprisings incorporating protestors chaining themselves in the context of the indigenous sources of fuel, particularly since the discovery of the North Sea Oils reflects the spread of the energy crisis fears. The recurrent and persistent warning of power blackout expected to persist in the next three to five years from top government energy officials and related stakeholders such as energy company management reflects the situation at which the UK finds itself regarding the issue of the energy crisis. The evidence of the current aging fleet of power stations, which in effect have the damaging reputation with respect to environmental friendliness in addition to crucial infrastructure aging, all present the support for the course to initiate alternative energy sources, as OFGEM suggests in its campaign. This necessitates the course of the innovation process. The energy sector in the UK is experiencing an uphill task, having faced a combination of dire problems since the inception of the crisis in the 1970s. The establishment of the bright horizon in the name of North Sea oil and gas marked a possibility of an energy sector whose composition and development would secure the energy fears in the country. However, the realization followed accordingly that there is a need to create a new measure for intervening in the case.

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