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Create a 11 pages page paper that discusses food policy in the uk. The UK government is currently investing over ten million pounds in a television campaign to promote all businessmen to be ready to take benefits of these great news sales opportunities. With respect to this, all EEC countries crave to increase their exports into a static consumer market.

If it happens, simultaneously the British mergers legislations will deter domestic companies in hope to get competitive advantages over international based organizations. This explains the fact, why so many British organizations have set up their business in the USA.

But how will SEM affect the quickly frozen food industry within the Common Market Maybe not nearly as much as it will some other markets partly because of the strong share of the total market held by Unilever and Nestle? Easily the largest slice of that total is Unilever’s with their Birds Eye brand in the U.K., the Findus brand in Italy and Igloo just about everywhere else. Nestle, the Switzerland-based Corporation, use the Findus brand in the U.K. and in some of the other Common Market countries. Nestle use the Stouffer brand in the U.S.A.

It has been proved that there is a big difference between the brand name and corporate name. This is further evidenced by the variety of brand names used by the United Biscuits frozen food subsidiary, UB-Ross-Youngs, who apart from the brands Ross and Youngs use McVities and Mama Mia–and one or two others–in the U.K. Similarly another U.K.-based enterprise, Rank Hovis McDougal, use the brands Sharwoods (Indian specialties), Tiffany’s (pies), Heinzel (cakes) and have now begun to use Mr. Kipling, a brand they have made renowned in the ambient cake sector, for a new variety of frozen hot puddings.’ One does marvel what strategy these two major food groups will follow in preparation for the SEM.

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