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Create a 11 pages page paper that discusses expansion of xyz telecom into the indian market. XYZ Telecom has already made an unplanned foray into India but is not finding the move very successful. This is despite the fact that the mobile communication market in the country is huge and the potential to grow exists especially in the larger towns (not the four big metros in the country) and semi-urban areas. This report is a global marketing opportunity analysis for entering the Indian market. This is a preliminary to a full-fledged marketing plan which will be prepared at a later stage.

Political Factors: The following political factors are the key concern. Current / future taxation policy to be monitored. Current and future Political supports will render great control to the regulation of the business of a country and add value to clients and other business also. Bank loan facility such as bank guarantee to be made in between employers and bankers and the bankers provide the finance on an instalment basis i.e. on the basis of work progress. Trade bodies to be complied with such as trade license to be provided by the Government bodies to start the business and the license to be renewed periodically (yearly). To make sure, concerning the war effects and related drawback on the affected Country. Stability of political environment also another important factor. Government policy i.e. rules and regulations influence the business requirement. Government’s role in marketing principles should be evaluated. Look at the Government policy on the financial end. Government view of a point on the cultural and religious environment to be analyzed.

Economic Factors: Traders has to consider the situation of finance in the business if it is short or long term. Strength of sale i.e. is another important factor which is applicable for current and future levels of Government spending. Access to loan feasibility has to be considered. It is really a fact for doing international marketing. You have to be particular about the interest rates as such current and future level because the fluctuation in exchange rates has a great impact on the market nowadays. Due to the current global recession unemployment also badly affected at present. Price rises also another impact on the employment level per capital also to be considered the price rises how it affects the domestic product so. Tax levies and market trends are to be followed.

Socio-cultural Factors: To look at the influential part of society and culture of the country on the business which varies from county to country. Other important factors are to be considered is dominant religion and the effectiveness of foreign products and services and mother tong (language) of that particular county is another factor which will have a great impact for communicating of products in their markets. Timing is also considered as per the requirement/availability of Clients. Majority of roles of men and women to be identified. The population of that country is to be considered whether the older generations are wealthy or not. Religious customs of that particular Country and community to be respected so.

Technological Factors: Current and future technology innovations is important for the competitive benefit and is major guider of globalization. Fund status is concerned with by viewing technologically.

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