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Compose a 1500 words assignment on life on the digital frontier. Needs to be plagiarism free! Students use even Google during lectures if they listen from the teacher something unknown. It really is an information age where we are free to learn without borders, thank to open courseware regime and free resources like Wikipedia, Khan Academy, etc.

Prof. Sherry Turkle, Director, MIT Initiative on Technology and Self, says that MIT hosts brightest students in the world. But there’s something wrong with them as they think that multitasking can serve them best which is not right. Mr David Jones, Associate Professor with MIT also says that students are multitasking and they are “distracted by everything” that’s why they are not performing as much as they should be due to these distractions that could be a laptop, a phone and etc. This attitude of students is also affecting the teaching method of teachers. A study conducted by NASA on chronic multitasking youths shows that at a time, people can do one task better than more than one task. Multitasking affects the productivity of individuals. Another concept is the effects of the multi-task to the brain. Another study at the University of California reveals that there is a 2 fold increase in the use of the brain while searching on Google than reading a book.

In this video, a chapter is reserved for providing information about the youth of South Korea. Gaming craze has resulted in addiction in South Korea that the government is seriously concerned about the psychological changes on the youth. This video also emphasizes on teaching with technology. Technology has made it easy to teach students with state of the art technology. Although interviews conducted in this video shows students who believe that they can do multitasking with equal required attention but a teacher at MIT observed that the level of intellect is decreasing in a new tech-savvy generation. With a lot of types of entertainment in their hand, these students are not concentrating on their studies.

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