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Via Nova Engineering was established in the end of sixties with the objective manufacturing heavy engineering plants mainly concerned with the planning and supply of steel plants, shipyards, pipe mills and other metallurgical industries. Ever since it’s founding it has supplied, erected and managed various industrial plants with sophisticated technology all over the world. It has extensive Research and Development facilities aimed at improving technologies meant for use in heavy industries. Via Nova is also conscious of the environment protection and has supplied eco friendly systems for both safety as well as ensuring good health of the workers

Via Nova is primarily into automated and robotic systems manufacturing that cover a vast range of industrial equipments and systems including conveyers, material handling equipments, treatment plants, materials processing systems, environmental plant filtering and control of dusts and pollutants, industrial painting, shotblasting and sandblasting systems etc. These cover both production and service areas of the customer’s premises.

In terms of R&D, Via Nova prides itself in its realization of a full variety of magnets, heavy duty cranes, and automatic spray painting plants including those for ship hulls. Complete robotised systems have been developed for material handling, bending, making and cutting of profiles and fabrications. With a wide experience expanding over many industries Via Nova is also in a unique position of offering customized services for planning, designing, supplying and erecting plants according to customer needs and specifications. It can also advise on optimum solutions to fit the requirements and budgets.

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