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Complete 10 pages APA formatted article: Integrated Marketing Communications 2. As a result, classy, trendy and fresh branded outfits are the norm for this age bracket of which the importance can be judged by a statement from Branded- a book written by Quart, Alissa (2003) where she writes “Inspired by the commercialization of youth and also by the signs of resistance to it, I decided to write Branded. The term brand suggests both the ubiquity of logos in today’s teen dreams and the extreme way these names now define teen identities.”It is for this age group that our paper will look into the mechanisms of branding for a medium-sized company in order to ensure the success of the hosting company and its designer line among the growing market of the youths.

One of the most noticeable apparel that a person displays is his or her dressing. This is in fact one of the primary concerns for most of the population especially for females in the ever more fashion and appearance oriented societies that we now live in (John 2009, p12). Moreover, there has been a tremendous leap towards the disposition of branded clothing during the past couple of years which means that companies nowadays are investing more resources towards developing, grooming and maintaining their branded clothes collection which ultimately find preference over the traditional unbranded attires. It is extremely important that companies undertake a well planned and thorough marketing activity to initiate their clothing line in order to be able to compete effectively in the market against other local and international clothing collections.

Branding for the youth

One of the most important ingredients of marketing that either make or break the designer line’s name and his success is branding. The first step in any marketing activity is to identify the target markets which in our case are the youngsters’between the ages of 14-22. It is this age bracket in which the adolescents seem to be standing at an awkward age where neither they are too young to play with the toys nor have they groomed into adults. Understanding the target market, their way of thinking, their activities and the reasons for the true desire to embrace designer outfits with a knowledge of what the teens really want to wear and show off is tremendously important for framing the entire marketing plan and consequently developing the right brand name and image and positioning it in the way youngsters really want it (Knox 2004, p15). What is needed is basically to know exactly what the youth want and delivering according to it. The entire process of branding should focus on the youth and their needs and desires.

Understanding the target market

For the youth who are lingering somewhere between childhood and adulthood, the craving for dressing and clothing is more than the desire to eat. It is this passion for outfits ranging from classy to gothic to rib-tickling tops, bright primary colors and baggy or tight fitting pants that the medium sized firm needs to capitalize on in an intelligent and creative manner. (Corporate Image Marketing 2009, p1) Once identified with the overall target market, the company now needs to segment this age group on the basis of tastes, preferences and activities.

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