Need help with my writing homework on The Essence of American Exceptionalism. Write a 2250 word paper answering; Consequently, being an American has more than legal interpretation, it encompasses political as well as the personal identity that suggests more complex, powerful, and in some instances, contradictory notions for both Americans and non-Americans (Smith, 2013). Proponents of the theory that the United States of America possesses numerous factors that sets the nation apart from the rest in the world base the thesis of American exceptionalism on the belief.

Classical proponents of the theory refer to a lot of distinctive characteristics that set the nation as unique based on established democratic ideals and personal liberty of experience in the free nation. However, there are also opponents of American exceptionalism who have argued that the country has nothing special which sets it aside from the rest. This group has cited a lot of flaws related to civil rights, social welfare, and slavery in the history of the nation as some of the reasons why the United States is not exceptional.

Americans have been able to establish a society that is free from historical feudal traditions, therefore, the citizens are not faced with perceptions of class oppression in present. Lack of feudalism history means citizens have greater responsibility for their own status as they can achieve greatness based on the ability of individuals to increase their productivity. The essence of American exceptionalism based on the absence of class society is based on the model advanced by Louis Hartz in his book The Liberal Tradition in America (1955). The political scientist based his support of American exceptionalism on the absence of political ideologies leaning towards socialist and aristocratic political tradition. These elements were a common aspect of many countries including more advanced nations in Europe due to the establishment of social and political systems that were based on churches, hereditary systems in nobility, and the existence of&nbsp.landed estates. The lack of a feudal system implied that conflicts in American history were based on “liberal consensus” with its citizens clashing on matters that revolved around political representations, private ownership of property, and individual rights (Sondhaus and Fuller, 2007).

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