Need help with my writing homework on Loss of Biodiversity as a Global Problem, and a Prerequisite to Addressing It Urgently. Write a 1500 word paper answering; The fundamental drivers of the loss of biodiversity include overuse of land and natural resources, habitat change, pollution from industrialization, unwarranted and excessive invasion of species beyond their normal territory, and too much application of fertilizers. Biodiversity can be conserved through management programs that establish protected areas. Preventing loss by authorities has shown to be the most reliable and viable. There must also be strong institutions that foster the integration of biodiversity initiatives through informing societies of the need to safeguard biodiversity (Floyd & Matthew). However, many people (rich and poor) and institutions benefit economically from the loss of biodiversity but the cost to the entire society far outweighs the benefits. Governments and NGOs have heightened their efforts to mitigate further losses and engage in the restoration of lost biodiversity. Their interventions have slowed the rate of loss although much more needs to be done so as to significantly reduce this rate.


Loss of biodiversity has reactions all over the society, and this can be understood by first explaining what biodiversity means. Biodiversity involves the magnitude of disparity in life. It is the extent of the integration of the diversity of creatures that occupy various ecosystems. These organisms have a mutual co-existence, and thus the survival of each one of them is tied to the other. We can mention two broad categories in the form of terrestrial and marine biodiversity. Distribution of these organisms varies all over the world. The equator, the tropics, and the different regions of the ocean have registered varying distribution of these organisms. Our areas of concern will be more focused on a number of aspects. Firstly, we shall discuss the essence of sustaining biodiversity. We shall be keen to identify why biodiversity is so crucial for the life of man and other organisms. Secondly, there will be a necessity to discourse the leading roots of loss of biodiversity. Identifying these causes will give us a clear insight into what exactly is happening in these ecosystems. The major actions leading to depletion and extinction of some elements will be addressed. There will be a need to identify the consequences of loss of biodiversity.

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