Need help with my writing homework on Corporate Management & Finance. Write a 1250 word paper answering; Carillion Company has also, in the past been involved in facility management, infrastructure and buildings management, and construction of major public infrastructures (Carillion, 2013). The objectives of the firms are qualitative and quantitative in nature due to the mission statements of the diverse firms.

The current and future objectives of the three firms are relatively differentiated. The divergence of the firms current and future objectives are reflected by the measurement criteria employment by the firms. Even though the core objectives of the firms currently and future is to remain profitable and offer services and goods that are of high quality, the achievement of the objectives measurement of the firms differ relatively. The direction under which the three firms employ in achieving their operational objectives can be considered to be different. Corporate social responsibility is one of the main objectives of the firms in undertaking their operations. The corporate social responsibilities of the firms are the reflected in their vision and value statements to the public. Corporate social responsibilities have been adopted by the firms in helping them to connect with the market through positive reputation that is essential in promoting their operations positively. However, the firms do not employ quantitative measures of the corporate social responsibility achievements.

Another aspect of the three firms is their core and threshold competencies that enable the firms in operating in the firm. The core and threshold competencies of Carillion firm are based on three capabilities of project finance, support services and construction services (Carillion, 2013). Project finance core competency of the organization helps the firm in to deliver asset-based services to the public sector. This is essential in allowing the firm to be attractive to the public sector customer on construction capabilities.

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