Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on writing a newspaper article Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! “Hazara defeats local bully” Explanation on what Happened The kite Runner is a conflictual narrative that is wellendowed. It relates an Afghani boy Amir and his family as the main characters of the story. Amir has a friend whom they have been close since childhood and they had a bound and pact that was virtually unbreakable. His friend is called Hassan and as a character he has been portrayed as the centre of conflict and resolute entanglement. The main theme within the narrative is internal conflict- Man versus himself. This is brought out in the scene where Amir witnesses his friend being bullied and doesn’t do anything to stop it. This haunts him from childhood to manhood and he later finds retribution after his ally goes ahead to inform him how well he could pay up for his mistakes. Amir goes ahead to return back to the doom he had evaded after moving with his father to America- he goes back to Afghanistan.

Effect on Family

The narrative is vexed on cooperating our daily lives and improving on our past mistakes. The future is not controlled by our past but we chose how well to live our lives. It also gives a deep teaching on how well we can learn from our mistakes positively.


Hasseini, Khaled. The kite runner. n.a: Penguin Group USA., 1975. Print.

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