Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Testing Procedure Specifications. It needs to be at least 500 words. In every workplace, it is important that the staff take notice of Testing Procedure Specifications. The aim of TPS is to outline the steps necessary for performing given test cases. Generally, TPS examine the steps employed in analyzing a software item to evaluate features of interest (Haladyna et al. 14).

Basic elements of TPS

Every TPS should have a unique identification

TPS should have a purpose and reference should be made to any test cases it conducts

Special requirements such as software, hardware, or special training for the procedure should be listed.

Actual steps should be elaborately defined such as methods and actions at each stage.

As outlined above, it is, therefore, important that the staff take TPS reports seriously. The benefits of TPF are numerous. For instance, it saves time and reduces redundancy. With effective TPF reports, employees may not have to come to work on Saturday. TPS come in handy in ensuring that the software used by an organization is up to date and error-free. Accuracy of software is critical to any company (Haladyna et al. 57). By having regular TPS reports, our company will minimize complaints from clients about crashes. Remember, our clients are our greatest assets and we should, therefore, strive to maintain them and win their confidence and loyalty.

Accurate TPS gives a company a competitive edge over the rest (Conley et al. 18). The staff is, therefore, advised to give regular and accurate TPS reports to minimize complaints from clients. This morning alone, two clients complained about crashes that seem to have emanated from sloppy code. In order to make everyone accountable, the company has introduced a new cover sheet. Consequently, from now henceforth, the company is putting cover sheets on all TPS reports before they are released.

Quality Control Check

Kindly note that the staff is advised to stick to this new stipulation. This is simply a quality control check to ensure that everyone conducts quality check on the TPS reports before releasing them. Programmers are advised to ensure they run the simulation so that it matches up to the template. This step ensures the simulation is up to manufacturer specifications (Rego et al. 16). They then have to document the test on the TPS report and put it on the cover sheet with their ID number. The new cover sheets will only act as quality control check to make everyone responsible (Williams et al. 71) Perhaps it is important to note that our clients are our priority. we offer them the best-customized software solutions to their software problems, and we safeguard our business.

Way Forward

From tomorrow, I will select a team of staff to examine how the issues of quality control. If you want to be part of the committee, simply forward your name to the relevant office. Only programmers or managers with 3 to four years experience will be considered. Kindly note that if the situation does not improve by Saturday everyone will have to go through all orders from last month, carry out the simulations, and ensure they match the specifications. Using the new cover sheets remain the best way.

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