Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Teachers and Technology in Classrooms. It needs to be at least 1250 words. Teachers want to teach critical thinking skills to their students to improve these skills by completing activities related to real-life situations, but more detail is presented so students will become involved to solve the problem. This research will also show us how computers can be used in the classroom without the teachers going back to school for another degree in Computer Science. Teachers have learned on their own what computer models they will be working with and they must know what programs will be compatible with their classroom computers. Through the use of questionnaires and interviews this project will show what teachers feel about the use of computers and other technology in school classrooms.

Classrooms have progressed from using desktop computers to laptops and now iPads. Classrooms still use the others, but it is more compatible to use the iPads if available. Teachers learn that technology is ever-changing and can they be expected to keep up with all the changes since it seems that there is always something new every few months. The question tends to be is technology really improving learning and teaching. There is a program called Apple Classrooms for Tomorrow (ACOT) that discusses what teachers need to do to keep up with computer education. According to this program, teachers experienced uncertainty and frustration with all the changes. The turning point happens when the teachers start to master their skills with the computer. (Sadker, 1999)

Teachers can teach students how to make the necessary adaptations to different computer technologies by learning together. Interactive learning brings about empowerment and working together teachers and students can learn how to survive this world. Teachers still use computers for drill and practice and various simulations that teach the basics, but not enough for students to compete with other students&nbsp.and/or schools.&nbsp.

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