Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Scientific Experimentation During the Holocaust. It needs to be at least 1250 words. Temporary prisons that later became concentration camps under German control originated around 1933. Concentration camps were used at first to hold political prisoners. German citizens were arrested and defined as political prisoners after being caught in riots initiated by Nazi supporters. This allowed the Nazis come into power by creating a dictatorship. With this shift of power, more and more perceived enemies of the Nazis were sent to the concentration camps.

Germans were very efficient. The routine could vary slightly, but concentration camp life as ordered by the Germans followed a faithful path. Survivor after survivor retold several key elements of arriving and surviving in a concentration camp. Jewish arrivals came from prisons, whereas criminals and other inmates came from local jails. Whether packed into overcrowded trains or trucks, the transportation to the camps was treacherous, many died along the way.

Upon arriving in a concentration camp, men and women were separated. children went with the women. A selection took place, depending on what workers the Nazis needed, all of the healthy men and women were selected for hard labor. The ones not selected went straight to the gas chambers.

The inmates chosen to live were stripped of all their worldly possessions. They were then shaved and forced into a blue disinfectant that burned. Then the inmates were given bullet ridden, ill fitting clothing with stripes. While going through the initial induction inmates learned of the true nature of the concentration camp by the inmates processing them. Some inmates, like the ones at Auschwitz, received tattooed numbers at this time.

Auschwitz was no different than the camps described above. The prisoners got off cattle cars at the rail station inside Auschwitz, or off trucks. Dr. Mengele attended the life and death selections at Auschwitz. He was a doctor that specialized in racial profiling. Mengele also wanted to improve the birth rate of the Nazi race by studying Jewish twins.

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