Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Crisis Management Strategies Needed by Facebook. It needs to be at least 1250 words. Facebook has been getting into the media spotlight for rapidly changing its privacy policy and this does not go down well with the users.

Account Hacking: Hacking a Facebook account has become a game for nerdy hackers who find passwords in a matter of minutes and can use the Facebook page or account of a company, a celebrity or an important official to broadcast news or extract data. Due to the notoriety of hackers, it can be said that Facebook may face lawsuits for account security negligence, which can happen any time a hacker chooses to give our false or sensitive information through an important profile.

Technical Back-up Crisis: Facebook is a platform that has realized its marketing goals basing on the sole factor that the platform is available for complete use 24/7. A single technical snag or breakdown in the software and hardware that controls back-up processes can cause heavy loss to the company. Not only will the site be unavailable for a day or two, but Facebook will lose its user base and also seem more vulnerable to attacks of cybercriminals who may try to grab the chance to steal sensitive information about the software, programs, and hardware that run Facebook. The security of information stored, the guarantee of retrieving every bit of it and the assurance of having Facebook working back in normal capacities will turn into major doubts in the minds of people around the world leading to heavy losses for the company.

Fake Accounts: The occurrence of fake accounts over Facebook is a very unhealthy fact about the website. Nine percent of the accounts registered on Facebook are fake and there have been many users complaining about theft of their pictures and identity by creators of such fake accounts. While the exact aim of fake account creators differs from one to another, the crisis that Facebook might have to handle at a later stage is against its failure to stop the creation of such fake IDs and lack of appropriate crisis management strategies and steps in its registration protocol.

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