Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Assessing a Student. It needs to be at least 250 words. Based on the assessment table in the paper, the average score for the student is 2.67. The scores from the able reflect that there are areas that the student needs support. These include problem-solving skills, self-engagement, initiative-taking, and decision making.

1. Objectives and strategies of instruction

In this case, the strategies that a teacher should adopt include understanding the individual needs of the students, making sure that the students know what is going on in class, and encouraging students to participate in-class activities.

2. Does the student need differentiation?

In the case of this student, differentiation is important since he seems to be a below-average student. In order for the teacher to improve the performance of the student, he should set different tasks for the student based on the performance of the student. Moreover, the teacher should set different open-ended tasks in order to assess the abilities of the student at different levels.

3. Formative (Informal) assessments used to gauge learning

The different forms of formative assessments that the teacher should use to gauge the performance of the student include questioning, discussions, peer/self-organizers, think pair share, and constructive quizzes.

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