Write a 5 pages paper on civilizing the anishinaabe-ojibwean people. The stories are rooted deep in Anishinaabe-Ojibwean’s hearts. They can not dare forget since the stories have been told well over time, in history and by legends, dreams and in symbols. The message is in the song of the grandmothers to their grandchildren. It is a message of the Spirit-individual and collective. The people of Ojibwe maintain that they are people with three names. Chippewa, Ojibway, and Anishinabe.

Chippewa is an official name recognized by the Authority and used during the official matter. Anishinaabe is a name the people call themselves. One meaning of the name is “The original people as opposed to people who came later” The other name Ojibway which has several spellings is a name believed to have been given by the enemies. The name implies “To pucker”

The Ojibwe people believe in the teachings of the seven prophets which they refer to as the seven fires. The seven fires gave them the direction of migration and so it is believed that they migrated and found their sacred place. It is estimated that the journey took 500 years to come to an end. The people of Ojibwe have since been living in the area known as Minnesota. It was 400+ years later that the Europeans settled in the area.

According to Jean Liedloff, the continuum is the concept that In order to achieve optimum physical, emotional and mental development, humankind especially babies need the experience to which those of our kind (species) adapted during the process of evolution. The experiences include constant physical contact, sensing, breastfeeding et cetera.

This paper analyses the question, “Where are we now” with a focus on residential schools. My interest is to learn more about the residential schools for the people of Ojibwe. Over time, there have been shifts in the aboriginal education policy. The shifts which were intended to assimilate the aboriginal families depended on the relationships between the&nbsp.aboriginal and the non-Aboriginal families. Missionaries originally tasked themselves to ensuring that the children from the aboriginal families acquired formal education.

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