Write a 4 pages paper on technology and lifestyle. it can be substantively argued that technology has enhanced the quality of life by making life easier and facilitating people in engaging with their daily activities efficiently and effectively.

Technology and lifestyle are two inseparable aspects. People keep on changing their lifestyles based on the technologies that are being developed. Technologies have brought forth heightened levels of convenience and accessibility across all the dealings that people have on a daily basis (Cooper 1). On a normal day, a person wakes up to interact with technologies right from their bed, kitchen, road, to the workplace. A bundle of technology such as a smartphone has become a major accompaniment wherever and whenever. As a result of internet connectivity, an individual is able to access any information from any place. This has created a lifestyle where people are able to operate even from their homes. The implications are that people tend to become more independent and personal contacts become minimal. Though the lifestyle has constantly changed, the level of productivity has exponentially improved as a result of the convenience and ease of operationalization created by the use of technologies (Yu 217).

The influence of technology is mainly for the general well-being of people. Many problems that confront people have found solutions in modern technologies. Technological products such as computers have ensured that life becomes easy, better, and quick. Communication from wherever part of the world has been transformed. In addition, transportation has been made easy and fast. A global view reveals that almost every facet of human life has been influenced by technology mainly positively. As a result of these technologies, people’s social lives have been transformed significantly. On the positive note, it is possible to interlink&nbsp.with friends and relatives as well as transact businesses at any moment from any part of the world courtesy of developments in technology.

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