Write 6 pages thesis on the topic highway civil engineering: the redoubt road-mill road corridor. The transport system in Auckland especially to the southern part is overburdened and more so inefficient. For the past years, there has been underinvestment in public transport, the existing settlement pattern, and the narrow neck of land which has been accumulated over the past decisions made over the past years. This, therefore, has resulted in the populations in the region relying more on private cars primarily for transport. As a result, roads and motorways are highly congested and further expansion is strictly limited (Auckland Transport, Auckland & Terralink 2012). Auckland is in need of an integrated transport network that facilitates people and goods to move freely and efficiently while regarding the need for place-making. This network comprises motorways, roads, motorways and streets, public transport, footpaths. To do away with the transport problem, the major goal of Auckland is to integrate all transport components using a single system approach that requires a lot of coordination between the Auckland Council and the central government (Apcon Group. (1975). This has been observed by the initiation of the New Network for South Auckland.


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