Write 5 pages with APA style on Big Dig. A really big or ambitious project like the “Big Dig” deserved more thorough engineering studies prior to starting the work but for some reasons (most likely urgency due to the congestion at Boston City), an initial environmental impact study (EIS) began in 1982 was quickly followed by an earmarked funding in 1987 by Congress with the amount of $755 million allocated for the said project to start in 1991 but by the time it was finished in 2005, actual costs exceeded&nbsp. initial cost estimates and reached $15 billion with another $7 billion to be paid for the additional bond payments by the city. In other words, this project was started with very little planning and done almost on an ad-hoc basis or what is termed as muddling through, hoping it will turn out right.&nbsp.

Ethics Perspective – public officials pushing for the Big Dig Project should have taken into account the ethical consequences of an ill-conceived project of this magnitude. In other words, they should have first considered the ethical implications of spending huge amounts of taxpayers’ money which in retrospect, diverted precious funding from other equally important public works. The cost overruns and the continuing payments for the increased debt load of the city of Boston cannot adequately compensate for the enormous fiscal burden incurred by the Big Dig Project on the city’s inhabitants including all future generations of the citizens of Boston. It does not speak well of their fiscal responsibility to safeguard city funds for any worthy projects. Obviously, only some sectors of the city were favored over other less vocal sectors.

But on the other hand, there were also other competing considerations and obligations in this case. City officials are also mandated to look after the welfare of city residents and one of its primary concerns was the growing traffic congestion in a high-density population urban area like Boston. Something has to be done now before the problem gets any worse when it will become more difficult to solve.

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