Write 5 pages thesis on the topic it and electronic commerce project methodology. Tracking customer views will allow the restaurant to provide well-timed responses to customers’ concerns. Support for online transactions will increase revenue considering that it will increase the number of clients that can be served within a day. Finally, increased online visibility will let Dona Bocanod increase its customer base and stay at a competitive edge. Of the three alternatives (website development, landline phones, and maintaining the status quo), the project recommends website development because it offers functionalities that support the restaurant’s strategic goals.

Dona Bocanod only features 20 tables that cannot effectively meet the customer’s needs so customers are forced to wait outside, and others are forced to walk away. Additionally, it does not have a landline phone, so the owner is forced to use her personal phone in handling customer issues. This has also introduced intensified usage of her calling plan consequently introducing additional expenses.

Increased visibility over the web gives the meaning that Dona Bocadon will have a broader customer base thus increasing its chances of raising more revenue. Support for online transactions introduces accuracies in the day-to-day operations in addition to reducing the amount of the labor force needed to handle the sales issues. Finally, allowing customers to air their views will enable Dona Bocadon to stay at a competitive edge mainly because it will be able to respond to customer needs in a well-timed manner.

The restaurant could hire a team of developers to work on a fully operational website. The web utility will allow visitors to browse the restaurant menu plus pictures and will be inclusive of a blog that will allow customers post comments, support for an online platform for placing then paying for orders.

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