Write 5 pages thesis on the topic internet addiction left my brother homeless. The writer examines the importance of a reSTARTS rehabilitation center for Internet addicts. The tone of the article is quite persuasive involving figures, examples, researches, and everyday life examples which makes one start thinking in favor of the topic under discussion.

Internet is something which human beings cannot escape from in today’s time. People are more interested and active over the internet as a virtual being than a real-life human being. the attention span of anyone who communicates is lessened because of internet addiction. Kids have become inactive and obese because of this issue. Problem-solving, problem sharing, and conflict resolution in the real-world have wiped out and changed into emotional expression through the internet.

The rational appeal of the article is also of great importance. As the writer observes and writes about his brother’s way of life. The writer has an objective tone toward his brother’s everyday life. Andrew wakes up when he desires, lives in a “roomy tent”, “using three mattresses”, shops for “microwaveable food”, has similar “homeless pals” and is an “obese bearded man” (Ross, 2009). Oregon State University computer lab is the place where he spends 10 hours with nothing but just staring at the computer’s screen and playing games. The other thing between this which grasps his attention for a little while is food. Life for Andrew starts with the internet and ends with that. The only time he would think of going back to his “home” which is a “roomy tent” is when the lab closes down.

The writer used emotional psychoanalysis to the question that why his brother could make nothing out of his life whereas he became a journalist was answered with simple observation of his brother’s routine life. Internet addiction “consumed” the identity of his brother. The initial potential of the writer’s brother was immense. He had good knowledge of computers and programming but instead of polishing his abilities, he used the internet to read static information and “goof around” the internet playing games, observing new websites, etc. this made his brother a high school dropout and eventually homeless.

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