Write 5 pages thesis on the topic 8 nov 1942 northwest africa. The Allies were the first immigrants from the United States to settle in North Africa. The Axis was a combination of forces, which were against the allies for instance Italy and Germany.

It began as early as July 1942 when the Allies agreed on a proposal that it was very illogical for small-scale operations to take over the Northern France region. However, in the agreement, it was clear that landings must secure Vichy territories in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia to enable them spread their influence over the Western Desert. In this sense, the Mediterranean would be free to all Allies to ship goods through Cape of Good Hope. On November 8, 1942, the Allies, due to fear made a quick attempt to take over Tunisia. They were certain the Axis would be rivals if they heard of the Torch landings.

The Operation Torch landing and the frequent battles, which were against the Vichy forces made it easy for the Allies to get hold of the Axis forces and forcing them to surrender. This kind of battle happened in Tunisia the same period when North African Campaign took place. it was a battle dominated by the German and Italian forces which made use of weapons like the German Tiger which was among the 501 heavy tanks to be used in this battles. However, its success drew most of the support from the Allies who had a large soldier force and advanced weaponry.

Alternatively, it referred to as the Desert war. It was the first campaign to occur and thus gave birth to the North Africa Campaign. This campaign drew its strength from the massive supply of both weaponry, soldiers and food. The Allies used this as a chance to capture the Axis thus making the Germans desperate. For instance, Erwin Rommel, a German commander had a rough time since all the fuel and other support links were disconnected. By the beginning of 1942, the U.S.

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