Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on What Does Excellent Experience Design Look Like. It needs to be at least 1500 words. The book and writing look at the manner in which our life is being dominated and driven by the digital sphere. The author further stresses the point that even human emotions have become slaves to technology. She presents an analogy in this case and presents the famous saying by Winston Churchill who famously said that the material which we make, later on, drive and dominate us. He had expressed this feeling for the buildings, in modern times this saying aptly fits for the technology. It is a brainchild of mankind yet has resulted in the subservience of the creator itself (Turkle, 2012).

The author further argues that the nature of relations has changed as well and a new form of relationship mechanism is in place which is the online relationship and warmth. It is the technology that creates relations, and many times ends it without even being introduced properly into the real world scenario.

The real-world physical existence and dependence on others have totally changed. People are glued to the digital devices and all friends, the family is all in one device-the digital box which comes in form of a computer, mobile phone, or any other digital device that is state of the art enabled.

The element of mistrust between the citizens and government is possibly due to the amount of access the government authorities possess with respect to infiltrating into the privacy of citizens. The new world dynamics have given the government an unannounced license in the name of national interest and citizens’ security measures. He further explains the ideas and states that the entire concept is based on innovation, with a chain reaction mechanism, one innovation leading to another and the cycle continues with the present state right in front of us where technology is ubiquitous and has totally brought about the revolution in the manner in which the entire world operates now(Turkle,2011).

Brian Arthur also sheds some light on the perspective of technology and its impact on society. He insists that the changes that have taken place in the last fifteen years are all gifts of the internet and the subsequent technologies introduced in parallel. Brian Arthur is in agreement with Sherry Tackle and supports the idea put forth that technology has in a true sense made us isolated. The full-time connectivity which seems like a real relationship is actually a means of isolation and total reliance and dependence on the machine and this relation is of artificial nature.

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