Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Nestl Is The Most Successful Organization. Nestle boasts of manufacturing more than 10,000 different products and sells over a billion products daily. Despite the number of countries wherein Nestle operates globally, their awareness of the importance of integrating local culture in each host country’s operations contributes to their success. They averred that “there is no one single product for everyone – our products are tailored to suit tastes and habits wherever you are”. The company’s focus and the emphasis are strategically manifested in four words: “Good Food, Good Life”. In order to sustain the organization’s capability to ensure that their products remain to give maximum nutritional benefits, their Research and Development (R & D) are allocated approximately CHF 1.5 billion annually to continually innovate and renovate existing products.

Nestle has instituted a unique program which combines financial success with corporate social responsibility. The company coined the program “Creating Shared Value” to encompass the following: “using our core business strategies and operations to create value for shareholders. serving consumers and the public by offering them nutritious products that are both enjoyable and contribute to their health and well-being. and seeking to improve the economic and social conditions for people and communities across our entire value chain – for farmers who supply us raw ingredients, for communities where our factories are located, for suppliers who work with us and for our trade partners” Nestle: Creating Shared Value, 2010, par.

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