Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Legal and Ethical Leader. Doing the right thing would be keeping away from the stolen crucial data but the sales manager is confused because having the disc would boost his company’s business, give him an advantage above his competitor company, and maybe earn him a higher rank in the organization. He also fears that if this information gets to the next employer of the interviewee, they will have better advantages over his company.

The best thing to do would be to report the person to the authorities for his hideous act and have the date returned to his former employer. I would not hire him because he might do the same with my organization and endanger our progress in the event he has to leave us. That way, I will be safeguarding the integrity and fair completion of my organization.

I believe that rivalry in business is a healthy means of improving and sustaining the quality of products and services offered. As such, I would not sacrifice my work ethics just so I gain unfair competitiveness over my competitors. More so, it would always haunt me knowing that whatever success I achieved was dishonestly acquired, and that would negatively affect my future decision-making with regards to work ethics.

Perceiving of this as both a legal and ethical problem, I would weigh the potential consequences that would emerge from my participation in it. The biggest question I would consider is what effect it could have on my organization. Bound by my values, I would prefer to conduct fair business, and as such, choose the model that would keep my conscience innocent and proud of what I genuinely achieve.

In this scenario, I would apply my knowledge that dissatisfaction is a potential causal factor to rebellion which can manifest itself as unethical or immoral behaviour amongst students. In light of this, I would establish guidelines that make them focus on what they feel is best towards the attainment of their objectives. This means that I would encourage them to do the things that they feel will help them, but do them in the right way.&nbsp.

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