Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Gardening Field. It is in a Muslim’s religious nature to always give back or help other people as stated in the Quran. Since I was a student I had no money to give out and help other people but I could give my time and services.

This idea got me into the gardening field. I realized that I could make other people happy by doing one of the most difficult tasks. I decided to do some volunteering gardening work in a school garden. At first, it was difficult and tiring and I sometimes felt like I should just quit. However, the determination soon paid off in many ways. First, I got better and better at the job that I did not feel the hard work in fact I started enjoying it. This was so bad that even when I took time off I still found me missing the work. Secondly, manual labor was working well for my general health as I started becoming nicely muscular. The sweating removed toxins from my body and I could feel light and happy most of the time. Furthermore, due to the tiring nature of the job I would sleep soundly at night, unlike previous nights. Thirdly, I loved the compliments being showered upon me by the students and the teaching faculty at the school. Everybody likes being encouraged and bringing happiness into the faces of people especially young people like the students in the school.

The power of mediation is one thing I never had a clue of before I embarked on this gardening journey. Meditation is the ability to use the mind to bring inner peace or take some time off from the daily hustles. Since I was tired after long days of hard work I would retire home and sit in a meditating position. I did not know I was meditating until I found myself feeling good after each session of ‘idle sitting’ as I used to call it. Therefore, I can boldly say now that gardening taught me the discipline of meditation accidentally and I have lived with this until now. Nowadays I meditate knowing what I am doing and it is really working on my&nbsp.mood, health, heart, and peace of mind. In fact, had I not decided to volunteer at the school garden I would not have known the power of meditation? It was this renewed and found source of energy that led me to do another volunteering work at the food bank garden.

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