Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Application of WEB Dubois Double Consciousness Concept on Ferguson, Missouri Incident. The killing of Brown has since taken a racial angle with the majority of people seeing racial profiling as being the motive behind the killing (McLaughlin, 2014). The case is almost similar to the 2012 killing of Martin Trayvon by George Zimmerman, which was cited to have been caused by racial profiling. However, the only difference between the two shooting incidences is that Brown was killed by a police officer, Martin having been killed by a civilian.

Resolving the issue has been very difficult since knowing whoever was wrong between Brown and the Ferguson officer has been very challenging. There have been conflicting reports as to what transpired that prompted the Ferguson police officer to shoot Brown the 18-year old African American, who was unarmed at the time of the incident (Mejia, 2014). One witness account from Jonson, the friend who was with Brown showed that police officers on a patrol vehicle accosted Brown, drew him, and shot him after few seconds of quarreling. However, an FBI report showed that as the Ferguson police officer was alighting from his vehicle, Brown pushed him back into the car and engaged him in a physical fight, prompting the police officer identified later as Wilson to shoot Brown.

Although these were what the public was told and knew about the shooting of Michael Brown, the facts have since been revised causing a lot of confusion. For instance, initially, Brown’s parents said that Brown had just completed his high school education and was waiting to join college. the police officers have since rubbished such claims arguing that Brown was a criminal. Complicating the matter further, the police officers have described Brown as having been a hardcore criminal caught on surveillance cameras earlier on a fateful day committing robbery with violence against a store clerk in town (McLaughlin, 2014). The police officers also argued that those calling the incidence as mere shoplifting are ignorant of the legal meaning.&nbsp.The police latest arguments have since cast down on the earlier witness account on what transpired on the day of the shooting.&nbsp.

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