Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Analysis of Hegels Conception of Freedom. In other words, the basic interest or self-identity of every individual is attributed to ethical value in the general legitimacy and wisdom of the state. Hegel hence places the will to freedom in the historically actual agency of the supreme state. Hegel believes that the state represents the realization of social freedom. This essay analyzes the argument of Hegel that freedom is only possible within the state.

Hegel argues that the final stage of consciousness, which he largely associates with national consciousness, is the acceptance that human beings are naturally free. According to Hegel, it is only through the nation-state—which he defines as a cultural aggregation of people—that freedom is realized. Hegel makes use of the concept ‘rational’ to refer to aspects that advance freedom. in history, the advancement of freedom expresses itself through the nation-state. The importance of a state does not depend on its distinctiveness or individuality that should then be safeguarded at all costs. A nation-state is an institution within which individuals can better attain freedom. Nation-states and their different features are exercised by world spirit to realize an increasingly actual achievement of freedom (Hegel 28). This advancement of freedom, Hegel argues, occurs in phases because different states embody different phases of the realization of freedom. A particular state can merely represent one phase of world history. Once the role of a state in world history has ended, it ceases to be a part of world history. And it also ceases to guarantee individual freedom.

According to Hegel, only nation-states can play a role in world history. He argues: “In world history, our topic can only be nations that form states. For it must be understood that only a nation that has become a state is the realization of freedom” (Hegel 10, 19). World history is the story of humankind’s movement toward freedom. Hegel believes that the objective of world history is for every individual to attain real freedom. Freedom can only be realized through the state, specifically, in a society where the well-being of individuals is embraced but individuals also create their own goals on behalf of the greater good (Hegel 22). Therefore a world-historical nation is an assemblage of culturally connected individuals, enclosed in a state, which further promotes the realization of freedom. &nbsp.According to Hegel, nations that have not played a role in world history have no history in this regard. He then tried to determine whether nations have played a role in the achievement of freedom.&nbsp.

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