Write 6 pages with APA style on French Revolution in International Relations Theory. As a result, the world political map and agenda setting was significantly changed. Thus, studying the French Revolution is crucial for international relations theory to comprehend the political development of the most powerful continent at that time.

To start with, in the context of economic crisis and mass dissatisfaction, the old-fashioned institutions such as Estates-General and newly formed National Assembly appeared in the political field of France (Acemonglu et al., 2009, p. 7). In fact, these processes can be considered as the attempt of powerful forces in French society to maintain the influence they failed to maintain in the context of a revolutionary outbreak. Also, on the international stage, France started to lose its weight in the background of powerful Britain, Prussia, Russia, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire (Stone, 2002). Actually, this aspect made it complicated for French leaders to have any arguments about their importance for the country. And so, the very appearance of the French Revolution and its development was closely linked to French troubles both in domestic and foreign policies. Moreover, such a weakness encouraged popular leaders to start fighting for the right to rule the country. In fact, in the years of the French Revolution, significant actions were made in these crucial directions. Followed by the significant military success in the War of the First Coalition (1792), the huge transformation within French society had happened in that period in terms of mass empowerment (Acemonglu et al., 2009, p. 10). Nevertheless, these consequences were not complete enough to stabilize the situation in France. Actually, in the several years of the Terror within the country, the execution of the main leaders of the French Revolution (such&nbsp.as Robespierre and Saint-Just) happened in 1794 (Acemonglu et al., 2009, p. 8).&nbsp.Thus, after years of uncertainty, Napoleon finally took the power into his hands and caused significant changes in the European political map.

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