Need an research paper on two-system hypothesis and adolescent development. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Steinberg further argued that this reward-seeking behaviour will eventually lead to the maturation of the cognitive control system and together with the connection to the socioemotional system. This according to Steinberg will happen in a gradual process, which eventually takes place over the course of adolescence, permitting dynamic self-regulation and impulse control.

Furthermore, Steinberg (2008) highlighted that in early adolescent development, the temporal gap between the arousal of the socioemotional system develops, while the cognitive control system together with its maturation occurs later, and here where adolescents will reach the point of heightened vulnerability to risk-taking particularly during the middle-adolescence stage.

It is remarkably clear that based on the explanation of Steinberg about the two-system hypothesis of adolescent development, young individuals will definitely undergo reward-seeking and impulsivity, however, these two processes will take place at varying timetables and variant neural underpinnings. As introduced earlier, it is clear that the variability in the timetables has a great contribution to the increase of risk-taking behaviour during the stage of adolescence.

Based on the stated concept and hypothesis above, it is also clear that there is a strong link between social acceptance and reward-seeking because the socioemotional system, which precedes the cognitive control system may happen to be in line with the prevailing experience and exposure to the point when adolescents are eager to look for positive recognition from peers, parents, and the society as a whole.

However, more than the descriptions stated concerning the two-system hypothesis of adolescent development, the need to assess this hypothesis is a vital consideration prior to knowing its important implication or application in the actual context.

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