Need an research paper on the importance of outside classroom activities in promoting oral fluency in an efl context. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. The language instructors are responsible for devising ways and means to have the students and learners taking English as a foreign language comprehend utilize it. Thus, they can choose to do so inside or outside the classroom setting. A lot of research has been conducted on these two settings with varying results. However, the outside setting provides for intriguing aspects for learning and teaching using various activities is vital that the teaching of English take into consideration the oral proficiency of the learners. Without this proficiency, then communication cannot be achieved as is required.

It is the aim of the basic education availed to learners world over to ensure that the students obtain the essential skills needed to tackle various situations in life. Among them is the development of the communication abilities of each learner and the utilization of critical and creative thinking skills. The ability to communicate is an essential human trait, without which, society is non-existent, as it has always been known. In these times when the world has become a global community, and it is easy for people from different parts of the world, speaking in different languages. Some languages are dominantly used worldwide. According to Sergeant (2012), the approximations are that at the beginning of the 21st century, around 400-500 million English speakers existed. Obviously, by now the number has dramatically increased. The reason being that many countries have picked up English as the primary foreign language as the world continues to connect more and more. In these countries, it is estimated that there is 20-30% of the population that speaks English. Thus, the author notes that around 1.5 to 2 billion English speakers exist worldwide. The numbers are inclusive of native language speakers who use English as their first language, and non-native English speakers who use English as their second language. It is in these non-native speakers that English as a Foreign Language exists. In Kuwait, learners lack the opportunity to speak English when they are in environments outside the class.

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