Need an research paper on impact of international trade on the human resources of multinational corporations. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. This paper explores the impact of international trade on the human resources of multinational corporations in the scope of the law and different regulations pertaining to the employees of different countries. It has been emphasized that human resources are the most powerful strategic resource that drives organizations to capture growth and expansion. The policies and law related to human resource management are of vital importance because they are considered as a powerful medium for control and coordination of international operations (Bartlett & Ghoshal, 1991).&nbsp.

Each country has its own ideology and structure and its laws are based on their principles or doctrines. The government plays a fundamental role in formulating policies of law whether they are related to crime, federal system or labour resources. The state establishes a legal framework that comprises of legislation (e.g. labour rights) and executive action (e.g. handling disputes in the industry). Considering the role that state plays in human resources of each country. the US lies at the bottom of the list as the government here is much more flexible than other countries. In Australia, the United Kingdom and Japan the state plays an average role whereas in Germany and Poland it has been observed that the companies are highly regulated by the state’s labour laws and the state intervenes in most of the labour issues.

The terms of compensation and fringe benefits differ across the borders. Even in many of the cases, these conditions are determined by the state legislation. Hence, it is mandatory for each of the multinational&nbsp.corporations when trading across the boundaries that they should comply with the local requirements. For instance, if a UK company is trading in the United States than there terms and conditions of employment should be based on US regulations.&nbsp.

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