Need an research paper on hci design project: requirements specification. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. The software system will be a sales system for an online based business enterprise similar to eBay and Amazon. The system’s goals is to simplify the customer’s experience as well as the employees productivity by providing tools to ease the acquisition of the desired products that would otherwise be done manually and collected physically. By doing so the system would offer the customers an exciting and convenient shopping experience while at the same time simplifying the work of the respective employees.

More specifically, the system allows the customer to maintain and manage their own shopping list and their payment methods more efficiently. A client can simply make purchases from the comfort of his or her home and use their credit card to make payment. Goods are delivered once the payment has been verified by the accounts department. The system also helps the inventory clerks to maintain accurate inventory of all items available. Communication with the client and the company will be done via the online platform and through the email provided by the customer. Fill in forms and selection panes are used through each stage of product cycle from inventory to purchase. The customer also provides their details through fill in forms and makes selection of products to purchase through the selection panels. Most importantly, the system contains a relational database where the product details and the customer details are stored.

This section of the document provides a description of the general factors that affect the system and its requirements. It provides a background for the requirements and makes it easier to understand. Essentially, this section offers the explanation to the customer’s interest.

The system is made of two parts the web interface and the employee interface. The web interface will contain the platform through which the customer can view their selected items. This interface is used to display product particulars to potential clients. Additionally, the client can easily manage their purchases through this online interface. It is through this platform that the client’s details and personal information is collected.

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