Need an research paper on a miserable thing that happened to you. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. However, in general, a best friend is a person one can share everything with, not only joys but sorrows. For me personally, it was not a human being. it was my dog Cleo, my beautiful Caucasian Shepherd girl. She was with me since I was five years old. She died two years ago and left me alone with my grief.

As the majority of children, as a kid, I also wanted to have a pet, and, as the majority of parents, my parents did not want to adopt one. When we moved to a bigger house, they changed their mind and gave me a puppy as a present for my birthday. My happiness had no limits for I really liked my new pet. Since the first day I saw her, we have become true friends, not just a dog, and her master.

When my parents brought Cleo to our house, she was only several months old and even could not run properly. she rather jumped from her hind feet to forefeet. I could spend hours watching her run about the yards and nose everything she met on her way. My father and I trained her, and with some time passing, Cleo turned into a dog of good breeding that knew what was good or bad to do. She was an honor to me for everyone who met her was amazed by her manners and, of course, with the way she looked.

Cleo was the first to meet me when I came home. She always saw when I was in bad mood and tried to cheer me up in a way only a devoted and loving pet could do. Very often, I talked to her as if she was a human being, and I saw in her eyes she perfectly understood me. Of course, I had friends as a child, and I have friends now. But in the case of Cleo, I was always sure she would never betray me just like people tend to do to each other.

One of the cruelest rules of nature is this one: a dog’s life is much shorter than a human’s life. I understood that one day I would lose my dog but I was not ready it would be earlier than I expected. I was not ready to suffer the pain of loss: my dog died not because she was old or ill. She died because of an irresponsible, ugly, terrible deed of a person I will never meet. Cleo was hit by a car in front of my very eyes, and she died in my arms.

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