Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Should Parents Religious Beliefs Allow Them to Refuse Medical Care for Their Children. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Some of the beliefs act as a guide to ways the child may be treated. In other religions, they opt for a natural way of treatment while others perceive diseases as normal. Although religious beliefs of a parent should be respected, such beliefs should not be used to deny children of medical care and standard medical practices as it leads to suffering and psychological trauma and even death of children.

The paper will try to show how religious freedom has affected children’s well-being. Therefore, freedom of religion should be respected, but a decision based on freedom should not be allowed to cause harm to children (Feemster 1). In some cases, religious freedom has been used to deny children some rights such as medical care. The effect on the children has been suffering from various controllable conditions and even threat to their life. Therefore, religious freedom needs control to protect children.

There are those that argue that people should be allowed to follow their beliefs in caring for their children. The argument is that those that are committed to following Christ should rely on God’s power alone for healing (Howell 1). Therefore, they call for exemption from standard health care practices including children. The author notes that she sustained a tin cut while playing in the backyard and managed to be healed through prayers (Howell 1). The healing of cut may show that religious beliefs may sometimes be used as an alternative to medical care. However, medical care is necessary as there is more harm to children that lack medical care. Hence, parents should be encouraged to seek necessary medical care for their children.

Failure to offer necessary medical care for children leads to suffering as well as psychological trauma. Any form of medical neglect on children is said to have a serious consequence on children. As noted in the article, parental refusal to offer medical& to children such as pain management leads to an elevated level of suffering and as a result, psychological trauma. The issue has been a serious thing as noted in the recent statistics collected in the United States.

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