Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Modern Life and Stress. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Stress impacts health and wellness negatively. Stress is a major contributor to health disorders as it tips the balance between structural, chemical, and psychological integrity (Weinstein, 2004). This essay will discuss three major causes of stress and will highlight how stress has impacted human health in the past thirty years.

Relationship issues can also cause stress among people (Baird, 2010). Arguments with parents, siblings, and other peers contribute toward stress. A person’s relationship with other members of the family also plays a great role in causing stress, especially among young people. According to McNamara (2000), a person’s relationship with parents, siblings, boyfriends or girlfriends can cause joy as well as pain. Poor relations with members of the family or friends can increase stress. One such example is that of divorce among parents because of which children may experience stress. Often children do not know how to cope with their parents’ divorce and its aftermaths. Divorce settlements can severely impact children and cause psychological damage to children’s health in terms of distress and confusion. However children’s response to parental divorce varies because of their resilience (Hipke, Wolchik, and Sandler, 2007). Generally, exposure to divorce-related stressors can impact children’s cognition and affect their ability to externalize and internalizing symptoms. Statistics from the Office for National Statistics (2014) reveal that in the past thirty years divorce in England and Wales has increased while the marriage rate has decreased. Data from the US Census Bureau indicate leveling off of the divorce rates for women in older age groups coupled with a decrease in marriage rates due to an increased trend of cohabitation (Kreider and Ellis, 2011). The trend of increased divorce and the fall of marriage indicate that more families are single-parent families with children being brought up in an unbalanced environment. As a result, they do not enjoy a good relationship with both their parents.

Money is another cause of stress especially in cases that involve scarcity of money and fear of job loss (Mielach, 2012).

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