You will prepare and submit a term paper on Beneficial Direction of the Welfare State from the Perspective of Poverty Removal in Australia. Your paper should be a minimum of 1750 words in length. Alternatively put, one of the central arguments that validation of the welfare state regime depends upon is ensuring at least a minimum level of living conditions for all members of the society (Goodin et al. 1999). It is thus contented by the advocates that a welfare state regime reduces poverty and ascertains better livelihood for the weaker sections of society. However according to liberal perspectives, due to the increase in state-interventionist policies the maneuverability of the free market is increasingly constrained and the associated efficiency benefits that enhance productivity and growth may be hindered. Further, the sustenance of the administrative machinery necessary for that is not cost-effective and the heavy taxation involved deprives the members of the society of the civil rights to liberty. Thus critics of the welfare state regime argue that it may actually lead to increased poverty over time due to inhibited growth of productivity as well as output and employment over the long run.

In the case of Australia, the present welfare state regime has been debated and a number of changes particularly those focusing upon its tax structures have been suggested all the while keeping reduction of mounting inequalities as the primal objective. The present essay will attempt to analyze information about Australian history to comment upon the desirability and the possibly beneficial direction of the welfare state from the perspective of poverty removal in the nation. Essentially, the debate boils down to one of the ideological differences between the liberals who strive for a minimalistic state and non-liberals who argue against liberalist principles citing them to be not only aggravating but also engendering poverty. As will be shown, though the history of poverty in Australia justifies active state intervention in the protection of social rights, the present manifestation of the regime is based on certain fundamentals that require revision in order to serve effectively for the purpose of poverty alleviation.

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