Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on summary one page iso9000. Summary of the ISO 9000 ISO 9000 is a set of standard formulated and reformulated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) with the central aim of monitoring, reviewing, and improving the quality nature of the companies’ products. Fundamentally, the contents of the ISO 9000 are as follows: (1) quality management system. (2) management responsibility. (3) resource management. (4) product realization. and (5) measurement, analysis, and improvement. First, it involves the determination and application of the necessary processes in achieving quality management system. In identifying this system, the ordering and relationship of the processes are critically defined. Second, management responsibility is the thorough implementation and development of the specified management system utilized by the company with the emphasis to the customer’s satisfaction to a given product. Moreover, it involves the creation of policy and objectives inherent in a company. Third, resource management refers to the determination and validation of the company’s human resources, infrastructure, and work environment. For the human resource in particular, the ISO 9000 identifies the competency of the personnel in line with his or her designated work.

Fourth, product realization is mainly characterized by planning and application of the processes, design, and production of the customer-oriented product. The planning phase points to the identification of the processes, verification, monitoring and other related activities specific to the product. And production phase is the company’s activity to monitor and control the release, delivery, and distribution of its products. And fifth, the measurement, analysis, and improvement of the ISO 9000 are largely marked by the demonstration, quality control, and continuity of the effectiveness of the quality management system. For the analysis, the important data are identified, collected, and analyzed to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of quality management system. By and large, ISO 9000 is customer-oriented set of standard aimed to fulfill and satisfy the customer’s needs and wants.

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